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Conflict Coaching


The aim of conflict coaching is to support you to find ways to manage a difficult situation more easily.

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Hastings and Rother Mediation Service offer bespoke conflict coaching.
Conflict can occur in any number of situations including within our private sphere of family and friends as well as professional contexts and the workplace. Conflict coaching helps you to find ways of managing a difficult situation more easily.

How Conflict Coaching Works

Conflict Coaching 2

Two of our experienced conflict coaches will work with you to explore the issues you are facing and decide on what strategies will be most helpful to improve the situation for you.

Your coaches will:

• Support you throughout the process

• Not offer advice or take actions on your behalf

• Treat everything you say in the strictest confidence, unless we feel that a vulnerable person is at risk

What Happens and When?

• We recommend between one and three one-hour sessions.

• It is up to you and your coaches to determine whether you have these weekly or less often.

• After this we hope that you will feel better equipped to manage the situation.

• Sometimes more time is needed and if this is the case then we usually suggest a break before continuing.

• Your coaches may suggest homework or strategies to practise outside the session.

What to do next?

If you would like further information or to refer yourself for conflict coaching please phone us on 01424 446808.