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what is family mediation


    Family mediation is a process by which a qualified family mediator will help former partners reach joint decisions about the issues which need to be resolved, taking into account the needs of all concerned, in a safe and confidential environment.

    Mediators do not take sides or decide what is right for you - they are there to help you put feelings aside and focus on the practical issues that need to be discussed.

    Areas for discussion in mediation can include:

    You can explore and discuss options in mediation without feeling bound to anything. The discussions that take place in a mediation room are confidential. The emphasis is on the future and not about blame.

    Whilst mediators do not give legal advice they are able to signpost clients to relevant sources of information on legal or other matters.

    • How to separate your finances
    • How to deal with any property/properties
    • How you will continue to be a parent
    • Contact arrangements in relation to grandparents/other family members.




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-For advice on using family mediation after a break up… CHECK OUT THIS GUIDE on the advice now website

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  • “I felt that they were both professional and respectful of the situation. Thank you for making what is a horrible thing to go through (a separation) the most pleasant it could be”- Mr A, Ms A