Hastings and Rother Mediation
mediation explained




A process in which an impartial third party helps disputing parties work out an agreement. The disputants, not the mediator, decide the terms of this agreement.

mediation explained


    • Change disputing behaviour
    • Resolve conflict
    • Build realistic, workable agreements
    • Maintain balance between the parties
    • Treat people fairly

Mediation provides opportunities for people to have their voice heard. It gives you as a particpant the opportunity to speak and to be listened to; to exchange feelings, ideas and perceptions and helps you to negotiate your own way towards workable solutions. The mediator will guide these conversations and negotiations, but they are your own discussions about what is important to you.

Mediation is flexible and informal, private and confidential, and can be used to resolve a variety of issues. It is less about looking into the past and focuses on the future and how things can be moved forward. The mediator will support all participants in mediation helping communication to flow in a constructive way and keeping stress to a minimum.