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Peer Mediation

What is Peer Mediation?

Peer Mediation is the resolution of conflict in schools conducted between pupils by pupils from their own peer group. It can involve all types of dispute from unkind behaviour and playground disagreements to bullying.

It is inevitable that conflict will arise due to differing views and opinion. However, when young people learn to handle conflict in a constructive way, they also learn valuable skills which will stay with them for life.

Peer Mediation is a highly effective means of dispute resolution tried and tested successfully in many countries throughout the world. It is now widely used in all types of schools and colleges throughout the United Kingdom.

Hastings and Rother Mediation Service has successfully rolled out a number of peer mediation courses to schools in the local area.

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  • “I find the peer mediators have a profound effect on the children they help. The children take their agreements very seriously and also appreciate the time to have their say and to be listed to by the mediators and the other child. The impact on the school has been very positive. Mediation is also powerful in making a child realise the impact their behaviour has on others and therefore altering their behaviour patterns” – SENCO from a primary school in Hastings