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Time 2 Talk

Intergenerational mediation (between children/young people & their parents/carers)

Every family has arguments from time to time, particularly teenagers and parents. Sometimes this can lead to family breakdown. Time 2 Talk helps people talk and listen to each other, and work towards better communication and understanding. We offer help to improve/restore communications with your family, whoever you consider your family to be, whether living together or apart, if the young person is aged between 8 & 18.

Time2Talk Mediation explained - short information video

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What are the benefits of Time 2 Talk?

Time 2 Talk mediation helps young people and their parents to:

  • Understand each other better
  • Talk and listen to each other better
  • Gain confidence in negotiating a way through future arguments
  • Bring the family back together
  • Tell each other how they feel
Familiar Time 2 Talk Mediation questions

Your Time 2 Talk questions answered


What do mediators do?

First of all we listen to everyone’s side of the story. Then we help you identify what is important to you and, by talking through the issues, help you work things out in a way that is agreeable to everyone. This is usually done over a series of meetings, we can meet you individually or as a family.


Will I be told what to do?

We help you agree a way forward. We won’t tell you what to do, we don’t take sides or blame anyone.


Where does it happen?

This is agreed with you. Usually we will meet you at home, school or the mediation office.


How long does it take?

While every case is different, it is usual to hold 3 - 6 sessions with each session lasting up to an hour.


Is it confidential?

Everything you tell us is confidential (unless you say otherwise or we are worried about someone’s safety or welfare).


How much does it cost?

This service is free of charge to residents of Hastings & Rother but donations are welcome.


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  • “A very helpful process which has enabled my son and I to talk and understand better. The mediator was excellent and helped us work through some severe difficulties we were having and help create a structure to move forward in the future” – Mr C